Are you putting yourself and your friends at risk on Facebook?

Adam Keith Milton-Barker | Oct 6, 2014 | Online Security | 2023
This is an Online Security article about something that we see at least once or twice a month with friends that use the popular social network, Facebook. Facebook itself needs no introduction, it would be safe to say that platform is a part of everybody\'s day to day life in some way. Although Facebook is so popular, hardly anyone uses it safely and more and more attacks are becoming available because people do not understand the importance of security online. Earlier this week the attack in mention reared its ugly head again as a Facebook message came through from a friend that contained the following: Your account has been reported by other users, security system received reports that your account has violated the rules on Facebook: ». Posting a rough profile or photos, ». Insulting and threatening others (users) ». Using facebook account just for gaming applications Confirm your account by clicking on the link below : ?????????????????????? BADLINKHERE ?????????????????????? attention: If you do not confirm the system will automatically disable the account your Facebook. Facebook Team. Disabling Warning | Facebook Copyright © 2014 by Facebook, Inc. .. All rights reserved DODGYBARCODEHERE (Left out just in case ) This message came directly from a friends account as it always does and the owner of the account was none the wiser until we contacted her. This attack comes from using dodgy apps that do naughty things! The way to avoid this is to ensure you change your password regularly, using secure passwords and not adding naughty apps that promote themselves by sharing shocking images and saying things like \"Man eaten alive by shark see it here.\". To most people this doesn't seem like a big issue and they continue to add badly built spammy apps, that not only affect the security and privacy of your own accounts but everyone else on your friend list and maybe even friends of friends. When this attack actually happens to you and you lose access to all your beloved photos and info of times gone by and the hackers laugh and joke at your personal messages, the attack becomes more real and scarey. If you see this message come through from one of your friends DO NOT click the link but do advise your friend to change their password, find the app that you have allowed the permissions to and remove it. The way this attack works is you think it is real and it works on the shock factor which more than likely will make people instantly click the link in a bid to save their beloved Facebook account. When you see the message know straight away it is an attack, stay calm and inform your friend. If you have yourself been attacked you have very little time to recover your account. Immediately change your password then hunt down any apps that are not well know or from trusted developers and remove them. If everyone takes a little time to read and understand this security tip, it will help to secure yourself and your friends and their friends so please do make sure you know this attack and can identify it in future. Gone are the days where it is acceptable and funny to be the victim of cyber attacks, ignoring and doing nothing about this issue will one day lead to serious problems, start today to help make Facebook safe for everyone. We have provided some screen shots below of how to get to your security settings: