Computer vision in the world of homecare

Adam Milton-Barker | Dec 17, 2016 | Artificial Intelligence | 4263

We live in a world where everyday life is being transformed by technologies, that have up until this point, been seen as a figment of our imagination. Humanity as it is, would like to avoid the subject, as it is well out of their comfort range, never the less, these technologies are the future.

The TechBubble Technologies team prides itself on working on technologies that can be of benefit to everyday life, integrating the latest technologies to improve quality of life and business.

The project that we are working on currently stems from a  project I started many years ago, more recently, it proved to solve an issue that came into my everyday life. My landlady was robbed while they slept in bed. They asked me to develop a system that would help them secure their home and I saw the opportunity to revive TASS.

Since the IoT World Congress, I have been lucky to finally form a team, and that team has evolved the capabilities of TASS immensely, for the last few months we have been working on not only the capabilities of the A.I., but also the capabilities of the underlying platform and the devices that can communicate with it.

What we are left with is as follows:

- A platform that can handle the management of autonomous communication between IoT devices.
- An A.I. that can be trained to recognize a specific human and act on a rule based scenario, autonomous communication being the ultimate focus.
- The ability for humans to specify what type of action they require when an IoT device recognizes a certain event, assisted by A.I.

There is a long way to go, but the current progress of our team sets us well above any commercially known solution. One of the main features is we focus first on security to ensure that anyone that uses our services can place their faith in us, which if you follow recent events, you will know that this been a massive fall down for companies that try to release systems without due care. Half of the internet would not have been brought down a couple of months ago, if the companies involved had been more interested in security than profit. 

To end this article I will direct you to the images to the right or below if you are on mobile, that show how an A.I. interprets a human face. This technology is the foundations of how devices can act autonomously in relation to recognizing a human face, in our particular case, this technology is used in the healthcare industry, but can be applied to many requirements.