Facebook Messenger on the web and new Facebook video phone calls

Adam Keith Milton-Barker | Apr 28, 2015 | Web Apps, Security & Hosting | 2351
By now most people will know about Facebook's Messenger app that was previously only available on iOS and Android, now Facebook have launched this application on the world wide web and have added some pretty cool new features. Messenger.com is a web based Facebook app that lets you login and connect through the internet from desktop devices. When you visit Messenger.com you can login using your Facebook account and once logged in you will see all of your messages and the ability to create new ones. Once in a message you can do all the things that you can do on the built in version and apps, other features include HD phone calls, snap photos, take videos, record voice messages and send money, video calling has now been added as feature as well that lets you phone your Facebook contacts and see them in real-time Messenger.com is built on the Messenger platform which means that contacts can install Messenger apps and use them directly in chat conversations. When someone is using an app their activity is posted meaning that people can see where it came from so it offers developers more exposure for their apps. Some examples of integrated apps are Bitmoji, FlipLip and GIPHY. There are new reply links available that allow you to post direct links to conversations which help people to find info you want them to see and giving the means for others to share the content with their friends. Facebook has also introduced a feature called Businesses on Messenger. This feature is design for businesses to connect with their customers by providing the ability to let them connect with you through Messenger. The app allows businesses to create custom layouts for messages and can be used for things like order confirmations or shipping updates. This feature doesn't seem to be released yet and I have dropped them an email to see if I can find out more about the service. It is very early to tell whether the new web app will be adopted by many people yet as it will mean coming away from the actual Facebook platform to use features you can already do inside of Facebook, but the app definitely looks cool and I will keep you updated about future releases as I learn about them.