Is Your Webserver Vulnerable To The Poodlebleed Bug ?

Adam Milton-Barker | Oct 20, 2014 | Web Apps, Security & Hosting | 4469
The Poodlebleed bug is the latest security risk to be found recently and is a bug that allows MITM ( Man In The Middle) access to data sent around affected websites that use SSL 3.0. Poodlebug stands for Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption and allows naughty people to view encrypted data over what is supposed to be a secure connection. If your web developers are up to date with security you should have nothing to worry about but it is highly likely that your developers will never even of heard of Heartbleed or Poodlebleed let alone how to fix them. You can check out if your server is vulnerable by using the related link above and below, if you are Vulnerable to Poodlebleed then you very well maybe still affected by Heartbleed, as SSL 3.0 should of been removed when fixing Heartbleed and securing your server from it. If you are still susceptible to Heartbleed it really is time to find a developer that understands modern encryption securities as you are literally endangering the security of yourself, your clients and anyone that visits your website. Please take your time to check out the links below and ensure you are secure.