NEW TECH: Kickstarter project turns your smartphone into high precision 3D scanner 200% funded in 3 days!

Adam Milton-Barker | Oct 21, 2015 | 3D Printing and Scanning | 4517


By now you will probably all of heard about 3D printing and know what it is, but you don't tend to hear much about 3D scanning. 3D scanning is when you use a 3D scanner to replicate a real world object and convert the data the scanner collects such as the appearance or color, into a 3D model that can then be printed out by a 3D printer, cool hey?!

On the 19th of this month a company called Eora3D launched a KickStarter project that can convert many of todays modern smartphones into your very own high precision 3D scanner! The Eora 3D Scanner is the world’s first high-precision 3D Scanner entirely powered by a modern Smartphone. You can pick up one at an Early Bird Backer Price of $199 or $259 for 3D Scanner and Bluetooth Turntable. In just three days Eora 3D has beaten its target on Kickstarter of $80,000 and is now 200% funded with 28 days remaining!

Eora 3D has a range of up to 1 meter ( 3 feet). Depending on a typical Smartphone's field of view this is roughly 1 meter (3ft X 3ft). The device is compatible with iPhone (iPhone 5 and above) & Android (Samsung S5 and above, HTC one and above, Google Nexus 5 and above; and in general most android handsets released in the past year after Lolipop). Due to smartphone camera and processors becoming increasingly powerful, the Eora 3D has Sub-100 micron precision and is the only 3D Scanner anywhere that gives you that level of performance at a sub-$300 price-point.

By uniquely leveraging the power of a Smartphone the team were able to cut down costs of the scanner and use the savings to invest in a Green Laser. The Green Laser (520nm) is the most unique feature of the Eora 3D Scanner. CMOS sensors in cameras are twice as sensitive to Green spectrum, this is due to human beings being more sensitive to green light due to our evolution in Green landscapes. The Green Laser allows the algorithm running on the app to analyze its distortion on a surface more distinctly, resulting in high-quality scans and users can scan in a variety of lighting conditions. The Eora 3D is the only consumer grade 3D Scanner in the world that comes built in with a Green Laser.

With a free app available to download you can quickly install on your phone and be generating 3D models from your Smartphone in minutes. The team have built an API with Sketchfab and also Shapeways where you will be able to upload your scans and order the 3d prints.

With the blatant success of this device already, this I have no doubt that Eora3D will have a massive impact and look forward to following the progress of this and any further projects.

Earlier this week I spoke with Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Rahul Koduri briefly who gave me a run down of the key features of the Eora 3D and provided me with some images. I will be speaking to him in more detail in the future and will be sharing the progress of this amazing new device with you so stay tuned.

Make sure you check out the Eora 3D Kickstarter page and get in the quick for an Early Bird. You can check out some photos and videos below, enjoy.