Windows 10 - What We Know So Far...

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Windows 10 - What We Know So Far...

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Following on from a series of posts we wrote earlier today and yesterday, Windows released an official blog about the announcement, we have also received information through Windows Developer Communications regarding how this upgrade will affect developers and apps which will we write about tomorrow for the developer community.

Windows wrote that Windows 10 is the starting block for next gen Windows that will allow the OS to run on many sets of devices, enterprise datacenters and the Internet of Things. The announcement about plans to cater for the Internet of Things ( IoT) comes as no suprise to us as we are part of the Microsoft Windows Developer Program for IoT.

Windows explain that Windows 10 is a product family rather than one single UI ( User Interface ) that works on multiple devices, with a centralized platform Microsoft Developers.

Tomorrow Microsoft will announce the Windows Insider Program which will allow us to to test out the pre release software to play around with which we are really looking forward to!

So far there has been no mention of the information that ourselves and top tech blogs around the world have been sharing over the last few days regarding information suposedly announced by the President of Microsoft Indonesia earlier this week. We still cannot verify yet if the information was accurate but related to Windows 10, Microsoft have mentioned that more information is to follow but we feel it would of been announced earlier on, after yesterday we shall wait for official notification :D

Below is some information about features that will arrive with Windows 10 and check out the photos below or related links.


Windows Start menu returns.

Live personalized tiles

Search located in Start displaying search results from both the web and the PC

App Store apps now have a browser style user interface that can be resized etc.

Set up multiple desktops

Task view for switching between apps

Snap smart suggestions fill available screen space

We will keep you updated as always and devs make sure you come back tomorrow for Dev specific information we received from Windows Developer Communications.


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