Windows 9 Free Upgrade For Windows 8 Users

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Windows 9 Free Upgrade For Windows 8 Users

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This week there has been a lot of noise about the possibility of Windows 9 being free for existing Windows 8 Users and possibly even Windows XP as a way to bring computers around the world up to date.

Andreas Diantoro the President of Microsoft Indonesia was said to have confirmed that once Microsoft launch the latest version of their operating system, it will be free for existing Windows 8 Users. It is also said that you will be able to download and install the update directly from Microsoft.

As we mentioned before, there has also been talks about Microsoft wanting to upgrade all users that use old operating systems such as Windows XP. If this is true this is a very good move from Microsoft, technology has advanced that much that using operating systems like XP could increase your risk of virus and malware infection, upgrading old operating systems will breathe a new life into your machine and provide it with so many more possibilities.

We have also seen today that Microsoft will be releasing a preview which is made up of an Enterprise Edition and a Consumer version.

As Windows 8 users ourselves we really look forward to this update, and of course, will be sharing the installation process and set up with you in a tutorial.

UPDATE: It is possible that the upgrade may come as early as this week but nothing has been confirmed.


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