Disruptive technologies come in many shapes and sizes, the MicFlip raised 128,204 USD on Indiegogo and is disrupting the world of Micro USB cables...

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Disruptive technologies come in many shapes and sizes, the MicFlip raised 128,204 USD on Indiegogo and is disrupting the world of Micro USB  cables...

Image Source: Winner Gear


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As the title says, disruptive technologies come in all shapes and sizes, the way things once used to work are flipped upside down and new technologies replace the old. this is true with the MicFlip. The makers of the MicFlip, Winner Gear, saw a flaw in the world of USB cables. USB cables are used by billions of people every day. More than likely you yourself use them to charge your phones and connect devices to your networks. Many of you should know how annoying it is when you can't plug your USB cable in without first checking to see that you have your device and cable the correct way round.And how frustrating is it when you are trying to plug your phone in to charge in the dark?

The MicFlip is the worlds first reversible Micro USB cable, and now you can say good bye to the frustrations mentioned above and quickly and easily plug in your USB charger to your device no matter what way round they are, simple but effective.

“Featuring an ultra-strong braided nylon lead, a robust aluminum shell and gold plated plugs to prevent corrosion, the MicFlip represents a new era of intelligence for mobile accessories.”

Apart from the obvious there are long term benefits of the MicFlip. The cable reduces the risk of damaging your devices by forcing the cable into them. The cable also eliminates the requirement of additional connectors that will allow you to connect your devices.

The guys at Winner Gear definitely did their research for their campaign to ensure that there would be a market for this ingenious idea:

“75% of people said that they wished the plug at the end of the cable was reversible, to prevent those irritating moments where you can’t seem to get the cable inserted properly into the Micro USB port, no matter which way you turn it!”

“ 25% of respondents to our survey said they wished their cables were more reliable. Many people find that, with such heavy usage day after day, their USB cables can become faulty fairly quickly, with connections becoming loose and proving unable to charge gadgets or transfer data.”

The Indiegogo project went on to raise 128,204 USD during a 3 month campaign and totally annihalated their planned target of 6,000 USD.

The MicFlip works with all standard micro USB devices that you use in your everyday life including smartphones including OnePlus, One, Galaxy Note, Galaxy S6, Nexus 6, LG G4, HTC M9, LG G Flex2, powerbanks , wearables , earphones, speakers and more.

Earlier this evening I spoke to Ian from Winner Gear who has kindly arranged to send over a MicFlip so that I can test it out and find out for myself what all the buzz is about around this product. I am really looking forward to checking out the MicFlip and of course will be writing a review to let you guys see it in action and hear my views.

If you want to find out more about the MicFlip you can check out the Winner Gear website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. You can also see the campaign video below which is one of my favorite videos that I have seen on an Indiegogo campaign. Well done to the team at Winner Gear and I look forward to reviewing the MicFlip and keeping up to date with the latest news from the company.


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