Self aware - reproducing & evolving robots, walking humanoids, disruptive technologies and the journey towards the singularity that humanity seems so determined to ignore.

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Self aware - reproducing & evolving robots, walking humanoids, disruptive technologies and the journey towards the singularity that humanity seems so determined to ignore. #ArtificialIntelligence #QuantumPhysics #Transhumanism #Singularity



I have been writing about the benefits and dangers of technology for many years now. Over those years I have had many long conversations with people regarding just exactly what direction technology is taking us. Some people have been totally open minded about my beliefs and have generated great conversations, and some have been totally the opposite and generated great arguments, but more and more the latter are starting to realize that the things that I have been talking about and predicting for so long ie: the evolution of A.I, quantum physics and in particular, the singularity, are more than just a crazy notion that has been dreamed up, and the advancements in technology are now starting to prove that we are headed exactly to that point.

Before I start to give my views on where we are currently and how we will evolve over the coming years, I am totally aware that there will be sceptics that will doubt and question everything that I say, and also that there are people that are a lot higher up in the ladder in the tech world that are already voicing their doubts about things that I will cover, but this makes no difference to me, these are my gut feelings and views that I have stood by and defended for many years.

So where are we at at the moment?

The progress in artificial intelligence has advanced so much that in the “real” world, A.I is already apart of our everyday life. OK so maybe not strong artificial intelligence as you would think, but we are getting very very close to it. We now have robots that are becoming self aware, robots that can reproduce and evolve of their own free will, humanoids that are breaking out of the confinements of the labs, autonomous vehicles hitting the streets and taking to the skies, and programs that are helping to find answers to medical issues that have affected the human race for many many years.

Our understanding of quantum physics has also advanced immensely over the last few years, again I remind I am not a quantum physicist but I do research deeply into the subject and have very strong beliefs that how we are led to think the world works, is simply not true. Scientists around the world are uncovering more and more proof that reality is a lot further out of the grasp than we have been taught to believe. We are now living a time that is capable of creating artificial worm holes, more and more evidence is being uncovered that quantum entanglement is more real than our own reality and that in fact, our reality pretty much does not exist, and some of the greatest minds in the world believe that they have the technology to open portals to other dimensions.

Disruptive technologies as a whole have always been a hard one to talk about due to people's fears that technology will either wipe us out, or create a world of poverty. One thing that is for sure is that we are heading towards a time that will have more of an impact than the industrial revolution, yet the majority of humanity chooses to ignore it, but why is this? Well the answer to that can only be put down to conditioning, and I am talking about the majority here, not everyone. Society makes you think that stepping outside of the boundaries is not allowed, that the people that believe in things that go against the grain of society, or the people that try to push outside of these invisible boundaries are abnormal. While people are wrapped up in game shows, football, computer games, the lives of celebrities and things that really don't have any impact on our existence, they are not out there creating, innovating and pushing the limits of our boundaries that could disrupt the system that we live in.

So where are we heading?

I am only going to touch on this, and will follow up in a future article, but simply put, the singularity. Many of you will of heard about transhumanism, the integration of technology with our own biological computers, our bodies. When you think about it, our bodies are just that, we are powered by electrical impulses, our brains, although still very limited at the moment, are our computer, fine tuned to act within the confinements dictated to us, but this will not be the case for much longer! Over the coming years you will begin to see more about how technology and biology will become one, it is already happening now but you will probably not read about it unless you are looking to find out about it. Artificial intelligence will continue to evolve, but ultimately it will be the integration with the human body that will take us on journey to unlocking our true potential, a world where war, greed, poverty will no longer exist, and the singularity will bring a more united and caring community where we will find the true meaning of creation.


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