What is Quantum Physics

Adam Milton-Barker | Feb 16, 2015 | Quantum Physics | 6188


Before I begin this article I would like to say that I am not a Quantum Physicist, I have not studied the subject at college or university, but I do have a very large interest in Quantum Physics and have been researching it over the last two years in great detail. The thoughts in this article are based on my own research on the subject from studying the information provided by scientists / fanatics and techs around the globe.

This line of research has truly amazed me for quite some time. After finding a promotional video on Facebook I did some of my own research into how people think we arrived here and why we are here. It lead me to some absolutely mind blowing theories that are now becoming fact as they are proved by scientists around the world. The concept has interested me, mainly the science behind it and the people that are involved with proving/disproving the theories.

My research lead me through videos from various groups of people that believe some pretty cool things, frequencies and tones that are said to alter your DNA structure and consciousness, all sorts of impossible and cool theories and finally back to Einstein and some other well known Scientists of the past, I found that many well known celebrities also supported Quantum Physics including Morgan Freeman, Robin Williams and Russel Brand. I got to a point where it had inspired me to begin to take a look at learning basic Quantum Physics and studying some of the past quantum research but as of yet my research hasn't lead me into text books.

From my research I found that Einstein had spent most of his life trying to disprove some of the theories, but failed, in particular I read about what Einstein called "Spooky action at a distance". This theory involves two particles that are linked together by entanglement, one way to explain this (in more detail in the first video shared below) is if you think of two particles that were formed at the same time, one spinning on the moon and one spinning somewhere on earth, stop the particle on the moon and through entanglement the particle on earth will also stop even though no one stopped it. If the particle on the moon is facing upwards, the particle on earth would be facing downwards meaning that you could calculate the position of the particle on the moon just by measuring the position of the particle on earth. Einstein could not believe that this was true and hence named the action "Spooky action at a distance", but Quantum Physics actually proved him wrong.

Another well known experiment is the Double Slit experiment, this experiment has been carried out many times by scientists world wide and always ends with the same results. Basically particles are fired at a screen which is blocked by a wall with two slits, you would expect that as the particles were fired at the screen, they would only land on the screen in between the holes in the wall, but this is not the case. The particles hit the wall the same way as a wave would, if you imagine water flowing through the slits you would see ripples that hit the screen in multiple places including the places blocked by the wall, this would suggest that particles are actually waves, but that isn't possible right? ;)

about our universe, including how it was created. Some scientists believe, and are trying to prove, that the 3 dimensional world that we live in is in fact a 2D hologram or illusion that is created by our mind, others are using Quantum Physics to push the very boundaries of our existence such as the first case of successful TRUE teleportation which was carried out in the Netherlands as scientists successfully teleported a particle from one place to the other. We are moving into a world where Quantum Physics is now becoming accepted, quantum computers, un-hackable technologies and answers to questions that have had scientists stumped for hundreds of years.

One thing is for sure is that as Quantum Physics becomes more publicly known it is going to make people question their very existence, and everything that they believed to be true about the world that we live in. I have only just touched upon some of the amazing things that I came across during the last two years of my research on the subject and want to help people become aware of what is going on in the world of Quantum Physics so have created this blog category to share my thoughts and findings and the research and progress of others. If you think the content of this article is unbelievable, as they say... you ain't seen nothing yet.

Check out the videos above which go further into the two main experiments I have mentioned in this article, but beware, once you start going into the subject of Quantum Physics, you will never see the world the same again!