The Cyborg dad fighting to regain custody of his children needs your help

Adam Milton-Barker | Nov 15, 2016 | The Singularity & Transhumanism | 5036

In 2015 I became a Cyborg by implanting a microchip into my hand that allows me to communicate with electrical devices.  Through social media I have been able to meet other people that are also Cyborgs and have the same interest in biohacking and enhancing human capabilities through technology. One of these people is a man called Rich Lee, a guy that is passionate about using technology to augment the human experience.

Rich has undergone many types of installations including implants installed in his ears that allow him to hear heat/detect distant footsteps and tubes of non-Newtonian armor installed in his shins. Rich has done many interviews, spoken about biohacking at international events and has also been on several TV shows. 

Rich has 2 children, and since divorcing his wife in 2015 had shared a one week custody rotation.  After the installation of the armor in his shins, problems began to arise and his ex wife decided that she was not going to return the children to his home and messaged Rich threatening that he would not be able to have custody of his children anymore. Rich had attempted to get the police involved but a poorly worded divorce decree seemed to provide a loophole that would allow his wife to uphold this decision. 

Biohacking is a very misunderstood form of technology, from my own personal experiences people seem to have extreme difficulties with coming to terms with it, in particular religious people and conspiracy theorists. After Rich filed for a motion for supplemental parentage with the court, his wife's attorney responded saying that Rich was an unfit parent as he was "into a form of self mutilation called biohacking", a statement that only goes to show how misunderstood biohacking is. A motion was filed for all decision making and sole custody to be the authority of his wife, restricting him to visitation under the terms that he would be prohibited from "exposing the children to his biohacking/transhuman/grinder lifestyle".

As Rich explains in his GoFundMe campaign, he has never exposed his children to any of the implantation procedures, and his kids love the fact that they have a Cyborg dad, always excited and proud to introduce their friends to him. The situation that has arisen has obviously placed a strain on the kids, being put in the middle of their parents during the on going fight for equal custody. Where as at one time they thought of their father as "an awesome dad with super powers", they have been taught that Rich is a self-mutilating parent, and that they are victims of child abuse. 

This situation has understandably had a massively negative affect on Rich, as he explains, he has lost 20 pounds, cannot sleep well and has panic attacks. It seems through the ignorance and non acceptance of the advancement of the human body through technology, he is being made out to be an unfit parent and fears that his children will be brainwashed into not loving him for who he is, but fearing him and believing he is a bad person.

When I saw his postings on Facebook about this I offered to write an article on TechBubble, not only to try and help Rich make his goal on his GoFundMe campaign, but also to try and make people understand that ignorance about technology can no longer be tolerated, situations like this just should not be happening. Rich is a good guy, you can see from his Facebook profile how much he loves and adores his children, but due to the belief system imposed on the general public by society, he is being alienated and faces losing rights to see and have custody of his own children. 

It is time that the world wakes up to what is going on around them, Cyborgs, biohacking and transhumanism are a part of our world now. The people that are involved with it are good people, and are pushing the limits of humanities boundaries and developing technologies that ensure that biohacking is safe and secure. We are the pioneers of a world that society wants to ignore and condemn. Slowly but surely, the Cyborg community is becoming united, and situations like this will make it stronger. Already Rich has almost reached his goal on his GoFundMe campaign and this is great accomplishment as it shows that there are people out there that are willing to accept people for who they are. 

The funds from Rich's campaign will be going towards attorney fees to assist him in his battle, an unbiased therapist for his children and help towards keeping his home out of foreclosure. I really believe that Rich deserves this help, and I hope that anyone that reads this article can assist Rich in some way, whether donating to his campaign or helping raise awareness of this outrageous situation. 


To Rich, I want you to know that I admire how you have taken this situation to the public, I know how hard it can be to take on the disease of ignorance, but one thing is for sure, the Cyborg community is behind you and supports you. I hope you are successful in winning this legal fight and can soon put it all behind you, good luck buddy.