Ello Social Network

Adam Milton-Barker | Sep 28, 2014 | Social Media & Applications | 1396
Ello is a new social network that has been getting a lot of coverage recently on most major social platforms. The social network claims to have entirely locked privacy concerns and to ensure that your data is not sold on to 3rd party advertising companies and reports indicate that many users and businesses are jumping ship from Facebook in favor of the strict privacy rules and promises of data security from Ello. Currently the Social Network is invite only, but you can request to join the Beta program to which Ello say they will add new users at various stages of the development of the Beta Platform. I have taken some screen shots for you to see what is available on the website currently for non members. You can check out their Manifesto, example profiles, information and their current terms of service and privacy policies. If you want to request an invite please feel free to follow the next link: https://ello.co/request-an-invitation