Follower Count Issues On Google plus

By ~AdamMiltonBarker | Date 2014-10-10 | Views 1467



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Follower Count Issues On Google plus #GooglePlus #Google+


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I have noticed issues with the follow count on several Google+ pages and their connected websites, but until today was not exactly sure what was happening.

Today I added the Google+ Follow button alongside the +1 button. The follow button on the TechBubble home page ( shows the follow count of the TechBubble page which is currently 211. When hovering over the follow button you are shown that the plugin is correctly linking to the TechBubble page using the original url we were provided when signing up to the social platform ( which is the way described online to carry out this task.

When you visit the official TechBubble Google+ page ( you are not shown 211 but 40!

For a while I had been stuck with the issue but today it becomes clear that the issue must be to do with how Google+ redirect their profile URLs or Google+ is getting mixed up between the +1's and Follows.

As I have just added the follow button we will wait for the next day or so in case it is a cache issue, if anyone has had this issue before feel free to reply in the comments area below...


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