Virgin Galactic Space Travel

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Virgin Galactic Space Travel

Image Source: Virgin Galactic

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As technology continues to advance the world we live in, it is also helping us to advance the possibilities of Space Travel. One company is close to providing a service that combines space travel with everyday flying.

Virgin Galactic is a company owned by Richard Branson that wants to be able to provide the world's first commercial spaceline by 2015. One of their first targets is to fly people just outside of the earths atmosphere, on the edge of space, making it possible for flights such as L.A to Tokyo to be completed in the space of an hour. Although this in itself is an amazing accomplishment, it is not their final aim, the company believe that space travel and living in space is a realistic concept and are striving to help kickstart life in Space.

In 2014 the spaceship spent most of its time on the ground due to the Virgin Galactic changing the type of rocket fuel that they use meaning that tests needed to be started from scratch to ensure that the change in fuel did not cause any potential issues. Throughout this year extensive tests have been carried out and the company are happy that they now have the required certifications to commence their testings once again, hoping to be flyng regularly by 2015.

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