Mars One - Would you give up everything to colonize Mars?

Adam Milton-Barker | Feb 17, 2015 | Space Technology | 2469


Would you give up everything in your life, say goodbye to your family and friends forever and spend the rest of your life living on Mars? That is just what the Mars 100 have committed to do! The Mars 100 are the last 100 applicants, 50 men and 50 women, who are competing for a place amongst 4 people to be the first humans to colonize Mars. The project was announced in 2013 by the Dutch venture Mars One. Since then applicants have been cut down to the final 100. It will apparently cost around about $6 BILLION to send the first 4 people to the colony on Mars, to cover funds Mars One is preparing a game show that will follow the Mars 100 through the final challenges that will decide who will go and who will stay. As stated on the Mars One website, this is most definitely "The Next Giant Leap For Mankind". The first chosen applicants will leave Earth for their new life on Mars in 2024 and will never step foot on Earth again for the rest of their lives. Their purpose will be to colonize the Red Planet, living in inflatable homes that claim to be quite spacious, including bedrooms, working areas and a plant production unit. This is like something straight out of the movies, immediately springing to mind is the film Interstellar which scientists have deemed to be a very accurate film in many ways, but this is no movie, this is reality and will be happening within our lifetime. If I had of known about the project back in 2013 there is no doubt in my mind that I would of applied, the thought of being one of the first people to inhabit Mars with the aim of building a human colony has some ring to it! For now, applications are closed, but I still dropped them an email on the off chance. I am really looking forward to following the progress of Mars One and watching them make history in ten years when they take their amazing journey into the unknown. I will continue to keep you updated with the progress of the project, but for now you can check out the videos shared below.