Lexus build RC F Rift to allow people to test drive Lexus Cars using Virtual Reality

Adam Keith Milton-Barker | Oct 6, 2014 | Virtual, Mixed & Augmented Reality | 2073


On Friday the TechBubble Editorial in Round Town News ( introduced the Samsung Gear VR, a Virtual Reality Headset built by Samsung and Oculus. As we mentioned Virtual Reality is getting a lot of coverage online and many different companies are beginning to use VR to enhance their businesses. Today we focus on Lexus, one of the most well known car manufacturers in the world, and their journey into Virtual Reality. Lexus decided to use Oculus Rift’s Development Kit 2 to build the RC F Rift which uses the cars steering wheel to control the Oculus and allow potential buyers to test out the car on a virtual race track. Lexus have used Virtual Reality before with their own advanced technology where they use a simulator during the development process of their cars. To us it was a bit of a let down when we actually watched the video which feels like a game of Gran Turismo. Although there are mixed reviews on the video, we still definitely see a future for this type of use of Virtual Reality in the Automobile Industry. Other car companies are also in on the Virtual Reality game such as Ford who have developed their own way of using Virtual Reality that allows their developers and engineers to Virtually walk around the car during development stages. We have provided a video for you from Lexus to check it out in more detail. Please feel free to share this article.