Polar M400: Run beyond ordinary

Adam Milton-Barker | Sep 29, 2014 | Wearables | 4973


It is no secret that the world has technology is beginning to become a key player in fitness, helping fitness experts to provide more advanced and accurate training methods, and also helping everyday people in their everyday fitness. Currently there is is massive progress in the development of wearable devices such as watches and even clothes, that can use sensors to track your heart rate and other vitals that help track and plan fitness programs. Companies such as Samsung, Motorola, Google and Microsoft, amongst others are all in the middle of a war to release the best smart watches. As time goes on more and more projects are surfacing, and one in particular is causing quite a buzz on the social networks. The Polar M400 by Polar is a brand new smart watch that has recently emerged and is a very affordable smart watch that is geared around advancing fitness training. The watch is water proof and has features like GPS, distance, speed and altitude sensors which are the most well known features but the watch also has lots of other cool features. We have included their amazing video below and some screen shots taken from their website. We are sure we will be seeing a lot more from the Polar M400, and look forward to getting our hands on one so we can do some serious testing with the fitness fanatics in our area.