How TechBubble Utilizes Open Source Projects To Provide State Of The Art Systems

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How TechBubble Utilizes Open Source Projects To Provide State Of The Art Systems #TechBubble #OpenSource



At one point I would not entertain Open Source projects as back in the day Open Source was risky and opened up holes in software and templates that could leave webmasters vulnerable. Before TechBubble existed and when I was in my early development days I encountered a virus that was implanted into a popular Open Source E-Commerce module that allowed a hacker to inject an Iframe based virus that infected over 10,000 files on the server. After initially fixing and cleaning the files with the help of my host, the hacker had planted a secondary backdoor that allowed a second bout of infections.

Since those days things have changed a lot and many modern developers and designers are now using Open Source in their day to day tasks to enhance productivity. Open Source has advanced a lot over the last few years and with the introduction of sites like GitHub, has become a very professional approach used by many companies world wide. Using Open Source now benefits developers by allowing a kind of support net, through communities, developers work together on their favorite projects to find bugs and vulnerabilities and fix them so that other developers can benefit from secure technologies and tools for their projects.

I now take pride in using quality open source tools to use as building blocks for some of the features I provide through TechBubble, knowing that there are individuals and companies working alongside to evolve features that I may use and helping to keep them secure.

TOA, the TechBubble Online Assistant is herself built on top of a very popular Open Source A.I.M.L (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) Interpreter named Program-O and uses Open Source tools such as the Google TTS API (Text To Speech) to provide voice synthesis that allows her to reply back to users with a simulated voice.

The TechBubble Hybrid App, and all Hybrid Apps developed for TechBubble clients evolved from a very light weight responsive template by Responsee called Business. This template is what allowed me to create our Hybrid style applications. Building on top of this template we integrated a system that was not only responsive, but also knew whether it was being viewed through Facebook Apps, allowing the correct redirection process through logins and other features throughout TechBubble apps.

The Facebook applications themselves are also built using an Open Source SDK (Software Development Kit) provided by Facebook that allows developers to integrate the features of Facebook into applications meaning that they can be used in the Native Facebook parts of TechBubble Hybrid Apps and also on the web and mobile versions. Further SDKs are also available for iOS, Android and other mobile devices.

I also implement use of the Cpanel XML API, another Open Source API that allows to directly control the server and domains through systems that proivded through TechBubble such as the Email Management, Real Time Bandwidth Management and various backend systems that allow to quickly set up Hybrid Apps for clients.

With the use of these Open Source projects integrated with my own development skills, custom built APIs, systems that have evolved over the last ten years and my vast knowledge from the development industry it allows to provide state of the art, modern technology at very affordable prices.

TechBubble systems begin as custom applications for clients which are then packaged for resale. As most companies do it would be easy to charge thousands per system, but as stated in the opening paragraph on the TechBubble Hybrid App, I believe that every business has the right to affordable technology and the knowledge to use it safely to enhance day to day productivity, these Open Source projects help to allow TechBubble to provide that.

Below are some links to the projects mentioned above that have helped me to create our platform. I know how nice it is to receive praise and believe that the mentioned projects deserve the same. Feel free to check out the links for more information if you are a developer, or if you are interested in TechBubble taking on your project please make contact via the contact page or TechBubble social media.

The Responsee Business Framework:

The Facebook PHP SDK:

Cpanel Development:



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