AmRobotics: Meet the guys whose LittleBits Maker Community is helping kids learn about Robotics, Microcontrollers, Python, NodeJS, Scratch and many other cool things.

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AmRobotics: Meet the guys whose LittleBits Maker Community is helping kids learn about Robotics, Microcontrollers, Python, NodeJS, Scratch and many other cool things. #Iot #InternetOfThings #Robotics #AmRobotics #LittleBits #MakerCommunity #TechnologyEducation


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A Better Way of Life Through Technology

One of the things that I enjoy the most is meeting people that have the same passion for technology that I have and learning about what they are doing in their community to help build a more connected world. Through the online computer science courses I have recently taken I met some pretty cool people, all with their own unique ways of helping build a more technologically minded community.

One of those people is a guy from Texas called Adam Mosely whose company AmRobotics LLC is causing a stir in his local community. The goal of AmRobotics is the free share of information. AmRobotics works closely with LittleBits Electronics Inc, and is heavily involved in helping educate the community. LittleBits modules provide a practical approach to prototyping and problem solving for people of all ages as they require no coding ability. In fact, the LittleBits modules are magnetic and color coded for ease of use while teaching science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

AmRobotics caters to children ages 8+. The team are overjoyed to have the opportunity to prepare the local youth for future technologies by guiding and helping them develop a computational thinking process when approaching tasks and solving problems.

AmRobitics meetup group welcomes all skill levels. They cover programming languages such as Python, JavaScript (NodeJs), and Scratch as well as several technologies which are packed in their array of robots and microcontrollers available for your hacking pleasure. If you are interested in more information please join their Dallas Meetup Group, AmRobotics – A Better Way of Life Through Technology’, and also their LittleBits group, ‘DFW Little Bits of Things LittleBits Chapter’.

What part does AmRobotics play in this movement today?

AmRobotics provide the tools, inventory and guidance to aid in the learning and skill development for all ages; from Microcontrollers and Hackable Robots to LittleBits Pro Library Kits, they got you covered! However, the buck doesn’t stop there... With the help of their sponsors, TechBubble Technologies and Zanaic Southlake STEM school, they are able to provide comfortable and collaborative top notch STEM learning facilities, professional web development, and more.

Their future goals are to start after school youth STEM programs with franchising opportunities for robotics educators across America. What does this mean? It means opportunity for you to own, invest and/or operate your very own STEM school while helping to; nurture and inspire today’s youth, make a positive impact on the community, and unlock young minds so they can continue to grow into innovative and well educated adults.

I am very fortunate to of met Adam and his team and admire his passion and determination to help provide education to his community. If you would like to find out more or help with the cause make sure to checkout their Facebook page.



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