Google's Deep Dream Artificial Intelligence Neural Network creates some cool images while dreaming!

Adam Milton-Barker | Jul 9, 2015 | Artificial Intelligence | 5371


As attention on artificial intelligence begins to increase publicly, people are finally starting to move away from the idea of the "Terminator scenario" and beginning to see the potentials of the technology, well at least putting the "Terminator scenario" to the backs of their mind for now anyway. Things seem to have been going well recently with more and more people joining in conversations about A.I on social networks and the tones of the conversations have been very different to what I have been seeing over the last few years since I first began taking an interest in A.I, not to mention the media is slowly moving away from trying to make people fear A.I and are running more stories about the actual stage in our development of Artificial Intelligence rather than posting the same old warnings that Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking think that A.I is the end of us all. A big road mark in the development of Artificial Intelligence is Google's Deep Dream which has been getting a lot of attention recently. Deep Dream is an Artificial Intelligence Neural Network that is based on a program that Google uses to detect faces and patterns in photos uploaded to their platform. Google realized that the A.I could dream when they applied features to it that would allow them to see how the program was learning and functioning. Based on what it has been trained so far it takes images that are uploaded to it, dreams and then provides you with an image of what it dreamt based on how it interprets the image. You can also upload videos and gifs and the A.I will spit out its interpretation of them as well. You will notice that there are many images of dogs in the photos and videos, this is said to be because the A.I has been trained to differentiate between different species of dogs. Recently Google have open sourced the code so developers can design their own systems based on their work, the original code itself is built from open source software. The internet has been going Deep Dream mad and there are sites popping up that allow you to run your own images through the Deep Dreams program and share your new photo. Everything from anime and porn to interpretations of Fear and loathing in Las Vegas have been floating around the internet. My feelings are that it would be fairly accurate to say that Artificial Intelligence will see things that we don't in the world. Our senses and the frequencies that our brains can receive data from are very limited, restrictions that A.I won't have, but that is a topic for a later date. Just like dogs smell and hear things that we can't, A.I will see things that we can't, or interpret things in ways that we don't. Deep Dream is definitely an important stage in the development of A.I that I feel marks a point in the road where the public has taken its first step towards accepting Artificial Intelligence into their world, there are still people freaking out about it but it is drumming up conversations and also a lot of positive feedback which shows that the transition to a world where A.I and humans live and work together will start to get easier, one thing is for sure is that it is going to happen whether people like it or not, so I am glad to see that people are becoming more open to the fact it is happening, I believe it shows promise for a more stable future, the human race has hope yet ;) Check out the videos on this page to see the dreams created by Deep Dream.