Why Google is the most important platform for your professional or business online presence

Adam Milton-Barker | Oct 12, 2014 | Social Media & Applications | 1673
If you are not using the available web and social tools from Google, you are missing out a major part of the internet! Google Products are the most important tools to use when you are having a website / web or mobile app built. There are many tools that Google provides to help you increase your reach on the web, and developers should use these tools as standard for any online project. If you set-up and maintain a healthy profile or community and do it correctly it will help to boost your overall coverage naturally. Combined with a healthy website / web and mobile app and lots of planning you can create a following that not only follows you on social media, but also on your actual websites or apps. Google Webmasters. Google Webmasters allows you to submit your website and its pages to Google and fine tune with helpful tools and tips. You should create and submit fresh sitemaps regularly to help increase the crawl rate and boost your rankings. https://www.google.com/webmasters/ Google Analytics. Google Analytics tracks activity on your website. By easily installing a special code to each of your websites pages they will be monitored each time they are visited. There is so many features available here that it would require one or two blog posts to cover it so make sure you stay tuned for future articles on this subject. One of the main helpful features is the ability to connect your Analytics account to your Webmasters account. http://www.google.com/analytics/ Google+ Google+ is another major benefit to your online presence, providing personal and business accounts that allow you to create your own image for your profile or business and build a community around your business. Business pages have a feature that allow to manage your pages and view detailed information such as page insights, Google Analytics (once you connected your page) and YouTube statistics, (once you set-up and connect your channel). Both profiles and pages can be attached and verified to your domain, verifying your account and allowing you to create your custom URL. Again there are lots of ways that Google+ helps secure a strong place on the internet and we will be writing more about this in the future. https://plus.google.com YouTube YouTube can play a massive part in a successful online presence, providing you a place to post all of your promotional videos and build up history and comments on them. https://www.youtube.com/members If you do not manage your own online marketing make sure your developer can provide these services successfully as they will soon play a major role in your day to day business activity. Building a strong platform and integrating as many Google products will enhance your business and also make it future proof.