Artificially intelligent assistants & websites to biohacking and autonomous & brain controlled IoT & robotics, the future is here!

Adam Milton-Barker | Jul 13, 2016 | All TechBubble | 4612


One thing that no power in the universe can halt is the progress of evolution! In a world full of corruption and ignorance, behind the scenes technology is evolving our race and enhancing our capabilities, guiding us into a world that is hard for many to understand and accept. Regardless of the friction against moving forward, it is happening! Innovators and disrupters around the globe continue to push the limits of humanity. I am proud to be part of this global movement and the founder of a business that is dedicated to the progression of this cause. 

TechBubble Technologies has evolved from a project that originally began in 2009. The original idea was to develop a way for businesses to enhance their capabilities, providing a central control panel to manage their online content and business administration systems. Over the last few years the original platform has evolved to what is now known as the TechBubble Technologies EcoSystem. The primary platform is focused on web / hybrid / mobile and desktop development, and provides a way for businesses to distribute their content across multiple devices and platforms. In addition to the hybrid platform, there have been two major additions over the last couple of years, the IoT platform including IntelliLan IoT devices, and the Artificial Intelligence platform.

In the last 6 months the work and development of sections of the EcoSystem have been acknowledged by some of the biggest names in the tech industry. In January this year a project that included an Android application, and a selection of IntelliLan IoT devices, was selected as a semi finalist entry in the Smart Home category of the IBM Global Mobile Innovators Tournament, and one of the best entries in Europe. Not long after that a project that included a weak artificial intelligence application based on SIML, and a selection of IntelliLan IoT devices that I can communicate with via the microchip implanted in my hand was selected as one of the phase 1 winners of the Microsoft/Arduino World Maker Challenge. In addition to these accomplishments TechBubble Technologies is now part of the Microsoft Bizspark program and involved with the research and development of brain controlled IoT and robotics devices with the help of our new sponsors IC3D, and our advisor Sean Ironstag.

Below is a break down of the features of the TechBubble Technologies EcoSystem and also our research into brain controlled IoT devices and robotics.

TechBubble Technologies EU

The TechBubble Technologies European EcoSystem is a modern technology platform that provides a wide range of innovative technologies and a central control area to manage and monitor them.

The technologies provided that we are currently researching and developing include: Internet of Things devices and networksrobotics & prostheticsBCI (Brain Computer Interface) applicationsArtificial Intelligencevoice control & assistancemobile & desktop applicationshybrid web applications & content management systems (CMS) and social media.

The core of the EcoSystem is the TechBubble Technologies GUI, a central control and command center for all of your connected TechBubble Technologies products, systems and devices. The EcoSystem includes the above mentioned hybrid/web/mobile/social/IoT/BCI and Artificial Intelligence systems, devices and applications that combined together increase your day to day productivity and efficiency.

TechBubble IoT JumpWay / IntelliLan IoT Devices

The IoT JumpWay is an IoT platform that provides a high performance, scalable and efficient solution for IoT developers and Makers. The platforms provides the fundamental services that allow you to securely distribute data from IoT devices and manage and control them securely via applications.

For non developers, the IoT JumpWay also powers all TechBubble Technologies IntelliLan devices, applications and networks providing a secure and easy to use IoT network for the businesses and homes of the future.

TechBubble Artificial Intelligence Platform

The TechBubble Technologies Artificial Intelligence Platform brings Artificial Intelligence to the TechBubble EcoSystems, providing state of the art Artificial Intelligence Personal / Business & Facebook Assistants.

TOA is a range of Artificially Intelligent Personal / Business & Facebook Assistants that help make your personal life easier, help you run your business & online systems, control your home automation or assist visitors to your Facebook page Messenger.

AI Hybrid Apps are Artificially Intelligent applications that provide assistance to your visitors such as reading content or making orders & enquiries. Hybrid Apps are accessible via the web / mobile devices and as Facebook Applications and utilize voice recognition and synthesis.

TINN is the future of the TechBubble Technologies Artificial Intelligence Platform, an Independent Neural Network developed to assist homes and businesses. 

We are now in talks with one of the biggest names in personal and commercial artificial intelligence so watch this space for more info!

Brain Controlled IoT

Research has begun to build the next generation of Internet of Things devices and applications that will be controlled by your mind. Using the latest in BCI technology, we are researching ways that will allow our existing and future devices to be controlled by the power of thought. Soon you will be able to simply think to control your home and business automation devices and appliances.

Brain Controlled Robotics and Prosthetics

Recently we have secured a sponsorship with IC3D Printers to create state of the art brain controlled robotics and prosthetics as well as brain controlled IoT devices and networks. We are also working with Anh Tran and contacts at IBM Canada to push these ideas as far as we can go to assist in the medical industry and other areas that can benefit from this type of technology.

With the research and development carried out by TechBubble Technologies and our contacts, we hope to bring these technologies to every day people and businesses, and truly help the progression of our race. We believe that technology is no good if it is out of the reach of everyone, we hope our platform will help to bring innovation closer to the people that need it, and not just the ones that can afford it.