Littlebits Smart Home Kit

Adam Milton-Barker | Nov 29, 2014 | The Internet Of Things | 5051


The Internet of Things still seems to be something that not many people are aware about or understand, but in the next few years it will change how everybody lives in such a massive way. To put it simply the IoT is the new internet where everything from watches to home appliances and even cars and cities will be connected allowing people to easily manage and connect to them using connected apps on mobile phones or PC's. I am involved in development for the Internet of Things through advanced programs such as the Microsoft Development Program for IoT and Intel Developer Zone IoT, but more and more companies are striving to educate the world about IoT by providing easy to use and get started products and projects that simplify the process of setting your home up to be IoT friendly. One such product is Litttlebits Smart Home Kit. This kit allows you to connect your existing home appliances to the IoT with easy to connect parts. The kit will allow you to create everything from air conditioning controllers to automated wake up systems that open your curtains and set off an alarm, and even a bark tracker that allows you to monitor your dog barking while you are away from home. The Smart Home Kit also provides an AC switch which is designed to allow control of wall outlets that can control your lights and fans etc, but this part is only designed to control US electrical only. With all these features and more many would think that it would involve a lot of instructions and programming but Littlebits have done the hard work already so that you don't have to, giving you the power to simply snap the parts together with no programing or wiring experience. The kit includes 14 Bit, or Things, modules such as sound triggers, temperature sensors and light sensors as well as accessories to help you get going like a screwdriver, USB adapter and mounting boards. Some examples can be found on the connected link which shows you some things that you can do including Wireless Lighting, Smart Fridges, Laundry Alerts and Garage Door Monitors giving you a taste of what it will be like to live in the soon to be “Jetsons” type world. I fully support any company that tries to help people evolve to the world around them and will provide future information about Littlebits products and projects. For more information check out the images and videos below or visit the official website on the related links above.