Look back at the IBM/4YFN Global Mobile Innovators Tournament Semi Finals at B. Amsterdam

Adam Milton-Barker | Feb 13, 2016 | All TechBubble | 4823

Last month I announced that TechBubble Technologies had been selected as semi finalists in the IBM/4YFN Global Mobile Innovators Tournament and that I would be traveling to Amsterdam to present the project for a place in the finals.

For those that weren't aware of what the competition was it was a global innovation competition organized by IBM and 4YFN. There were three categories that innovators could enter in the tournament, Smart Homes and Buildings, Connected Travel & Transportation and Smarter Healthcare. The project that I submitted was entered into the Smart Homes category and was one of the three projects selected to be semi finalists in this category, for more information about the project and a short demo video you can check out my last article here.

The semi finals were held at the IBM Innovation Space in B. Amsterdam, an innovation center in the heart of Amsterdam which is home to many startups and holds regular tech events. At the event there was representatives of 4YFN, IBM, KPN, Avast and other major players in the world of IoT/ Telco.

Unfortunately TechBubble did not make it through to the finals of the competition, but as this was the first global competition I had entered I am very proud to have got as far as I did. The contestants at the tournament semi finals were world class and it was great to meet others involved in the industry and also get valuable feedback and support from other contenstants and judges/organizers.

The companies involved in organizing the competition really made a point of making us feel very welcome and IBM/4YFN/KPN staff and judges went out of there way to spend individual time with me to talk about my project and give feedback and advice on going forward in the IoT industry.

All in all it was a very informative day and definitely gave me new ideas and ways to progress the network that we are building at TechBubble Technologies.

I would like to thank Trudi Hermon, Marije Ferwerda, Damien Sante, Armijn Spreitzer, Pavel Petrek, Jelmer Letterie, Jonathan Carter the judges and all IBM/4YFN/KPN staff that the made the day so enjoyable. Also best of luck to all the finalists that will be attending the 4YFN Mobile World Congress to compete in the final, Beacon of Hope / Kaawo / Biolinq / InnerSpace / Hoome Studio / Brainstat Studio / Gruppo Innovare / Nextome / Think IT Loud / Trident / Grindbit / CeliWat / Harmony in IoT & eHealth / Teleker / Cloud Therapy. Make sure you keep an eye for them in the future, and if any of you guys would like featuring on TechBubble, please let me know. I will possibly attending the final this month, if so I look forward to meeting up with you guys again.