UPDATE: The TechBubble LinGalileo Security System

Adam Milton-Barker | Jan 23, 2015 | Devs and Techs | 3049


One of my favorite projects at the moment is the LinGalileo Security System. This system is an automated security system that uses a number of technologies to provide a state of the art home/business security system. The project is being built on the Intel Galileo, a development board for the Internet of Things, which now runs on Yocto 1.6, an embedded Linux-based OS. Recently I wrote an article giving a bit of a refresher about what the Intel Galileo boards are and a bit of an insight into the plans for the first TechBubble Internet of Things product, view the article below for more info. I have managed to spend a bit more time developing the LinGalileo Security System and added some really cool features to the product. In the last article I explained the plans for the project, here is a quick reminder: Webcam integration using OpenCV. Facial recognition functions. Connecting the LinGalileo to T.O.A, the TechBubble Online Assistant. Proximity/sound and heat sensor integration. Standalone power supply. Casing created by 3D printer and possible integration with the 3D printer. Since that article I have got hold of one of the Grove Intel IoT Edition Beta Kits for Intel Galileo Gen 1 by Seeed. This kit provides a whole load of sensors, actuators and shields that have allowed me to complete quite a few of the features mentioned above and a few more besides. After upgrading the operating system used on the board from an extended version of Linux to a version that allows it to integrate with loads more Things (Yocto 1.6, an embedded Linux-based OS), I set out to update the existing code and integrate the sensors and actuators into the LinGalileo Security System. After upgrading the OS and drivers I snapped on the Base Shield which is a shield that allows to plug actuators and sensors into the dev board. With the beta kit there is now the option to use a new IDE based on Eclipse that acts as a cross compiler for the C# and C++ languages, but decided to stick with the traditional Arduino IDE until the next project. The new features that are now in place on the project are as follows: Room temperature sensor and integration into the TechBubble GUI. Light sensor. Sound sound. Push button. Alarm. Leds. Motion detection sensor. TOA integration (Voice notifications/confrontation through the GUI) Email notifications. All of the above are now integrated into the system and trigger warnings which notify the TechBubble GUI when they pic up movement / sound or changes in the light. A feature that I have built into the GUI is the ability to let the board know if you are in the office/home or not. If the office status is set to vacant then the sensors kick in and do their job. Once a sensor detects movement /sound/light changes the system fires information over to the GUI where it can be managed, if I am logged into the GUI then TOA will speak to me telling me that she the system has detected motion and other changes in the environment. In production if it was an intruder that triggered the sensors TOA would respond vocally to them alerting them that warnings have been sent to the home/office owners, as this happens the system will email warnings and notifications will be sent to the messages area of the TechBubble GUI. In addition to the all of the above features, wireless IP cameras and sensors will also be added making this a very impressive security system for the future. You can check out some photos below of how it looks currently, it is not very eye pleasing at the moment but as soon as I get some more time I will be designing and 3D printing the new casing and hopefully will be able to get the webcam integration and facial recognition features in place. I am looking to be launching this a product in the next few months and looking for marketers who would like to join TechBubble to market this and other systems such as TOA and the VoiceAssisted Hybrid Apps. LinGalileo Security System Project Page: https://www.techbubble.info/LinGalileoSecurity Previous Article: https://www.techbubble.info/blog/Devs-and-Tecs/entry/TechBubble-LinGalileo-Security-System Related Article: https://www.techbubble.info/blog/TechBubble-Development/entry/voice-assisted-apps-websites-that-speak